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I have a diploma in Preconceptual, Pregnancy and Postnatal Reflexology, enabling me to support you throughout the whole journey. Further training in this area also includes an Introduction to Reproductive Reflexology (Reproflexology™).

Reflexology can be of great benefit to those trying to conceive and during pregnancy. Treatments can support a natural pregnancy and labour.

I provide mobile reflexology so you can enjoy your treatment in the comfort of your own home and fully relax afterwards without having to travel.

A session involves an initial consultation and then treatment. I only need access to feet and lower legs, so only shoes and socks need to be removed. During pregnancy, the treatment can be adapted to ensure you are at your most comfortable.




"The treatment I received from Emma was first class. Her relaxed approach really helped to make me feel calm. I was able to see results soon after my sessions. I am very thankful to Emma and would not hesitate to recommend her services." Sarah, Wigginton.



"Thank you Emma for the three reflexology sessions while I was in my last weeks of pregnancy.

I had tried everything else to avoid a dreaded and looming induction when my midwife suggested reflexology. Although I had never tried reflexology before or even met you, your calm confident approach helped to keep me relaxed in that final week.

The sessions were very physically restful; it was a real treat to get my feet pampered, and all in my own home too. The physical benefits of reflexology were obvious too, even after one session, my usually tense neck and shoulders were more relaxed.

I was also amazed that during the final session, the reflexology seemed to get my previously light contractions going straight away and much more strongly.

Only three hours after my last reflexology session with you I had an hour of whopping contractions and four hours later I gave birth.

You're one of a few amazing women who made this birth a truly memorable and joyous experience: your skills, calmness and flexibility helping me relax and feel ready for labour quietly gave me confidence that I could stay relaxed enough to have a natural birth.

And you put your client first at a time when I needed all the help I could get - just twelve hours before my induction time you came for a home visit, in the evening, with only a few hours' notice.

I cannot recommend you enough to women who want to relax during pregnancy and even get ready for labour. I'm a complete convert to reflexology and when I get a spare hour I'll be booking you for a post- birth treat." Laura, Wendover





    £40 -Preconception / Pregnancy treatment

                     Special introductory offer:

  *4 treatments for the price of 3 on Home visits

                        (*Can be used once only)

        Mobile Reflexology- Tring and surrounding areas.