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How is Baby Reflex taught?

•Baby Reflex is taught over 3x 1 hour sessions (usually weekly) with your baby.

•Each week covers a different topic: Feeding and Digesting, Sleeping/ Comforting and Well being.

•It can be taught in a group (max 3 parents) in a parent’s home. This will cost £45 for 3 sessions per parent.

•Parents who host all 3 sessions will receive £10 off the total cost (£35)

•Alternatively a hall can be booked.

•Baby Reflex can also be provided 1:1 with a parent/couple in their home. Total cost for 3 sessons is £55

•Handout notes and charts are provided.





What is Baby Reflex?

Baby Reflex is a specially adapted reflexology for babies.  The techniques originally were developed for bonding and over the years have helped to ease, relieve, and eliminate many baby discomforts, proving to be very popular and successful with parents.  Baby Reflex was developed by Jenny Lee, a Chartered Physiotherapist, qualified Reflexologist and Teacher, who specialised in working with Mothers & young children. Over her 15 years in practice she carried out pilot studies involving children, designed to examine specifically the effects of Reflexology on childhood asthma.  The encouraging results and other effects found of relaxation, improved sleep and child/parent bonding led Jenny to create baby reflex in 2005.


How does it work?

Parents are taught Baby Reflex techniques to use on their babies feet, by a qualified practioner. It works in the same way as reflexology on adults, however, is specially adapted to suit the needs of babies, taking into account their size and well being.  It can be used from the age of 4 weeks onwards. During treatments, babies mostly relax, fall asleep and love it!





Why would parents choose baby/toddler reflex?

Most parents have either tried or heard of, the many benefits of reflexology.   With the modern climate of parents seeking alternatives; baby reflex offers the benefits of a safe, non invasive, drug free natural therapy.


What is the difference between Baby Reflex and baby massage?

Baby reflex is portable, there is no requirement to remove clothes and in fact can be done anywhere.  


Who can demonstrate Baby/Toddler Reflex?

Only qualified reflexologists and appropriately qualified Health Professionals

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Reflexology for Children

I also provide Reflexology treatments for Children. I can adapt the treatment depending on the individual needs of your child.

Please contact me to discuss treatment options.


I have completed Toddler Reflex training, Sue Ricks 'Supporting Babies and Children' Seminar and use Susan Quayle resources.

I am DBS checked and fully insured.